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Natural Selection: The Home of DTV Creature Features


Before Sharknado...

Before all the mega ones and the ones with numerous heads there was...


And without it, direct-to-video and made-for-cable creature features wouldn’t be the same. So get your armbands on and join Matty and Dave as they go for a swim with Nu Image’s iconic triptych.

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After a brief lockdown hiatus, your hosts Matty Budrewicz and Dave Wain return with a look at the inadvertently topical BATS (1999) and its made-for-SyFy sequel, BATS: HUMAN HARVEST (2007). Warning: contains gushing enthusiasm, exasperated disappointment, and tongue-in-cheek paranoia.
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A global pandemic! An invasion of murder hornets! Since we seem to be living in the plot of one, this month, your hosts Matty Budrewicz and Dave Wain take a gander at a pair of SyFy Originals, giving the lowdown on the 2003 twosome of WEBS and BUGS.

Recorded remotely because, well, we ain’t fucking idiots

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Join Matty and Dave as they dive into a Stan Winston presented world of reimagined Samuel Z. Arkoff programmers. They’re Creature Features but not as we know them...

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Things get personal in this latest stroll down creature feature alley as your hosts Matty Budrewicz and Dave Wain get gushy over VENOMOUS, LEECHES!, and DEADLY STINGERS: three rock solid schlockers by three of their all-time favourite filmmakers.

Featuring a bonus interview with Venomous director Fred Olen Ray!

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After spending the last few months tangling with all kinds of giant, mutated beasties, your hosts Matty Budrewicz and Dave Wain dramatically reduce the size of their monsters with THEY NEST and THEY CRAWL: a pair of cockroach-strewn creepers of wildly varying quality.

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We’re going on a snake hunt, and we’re gonna catch a big one...

Well, five big ones in fact as your hosts Matty Budrewicz and Dave Wain turn their attentions to the mighty PYTHON-BOA legacy: a quartet of scintillating serp-schlockers from Phillip Roth’s Unified Film Organization.




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Your intrepid hosts Matty Budrewicz and Dave Wain journey to Spain in the fourth stop on their straight-to-video creature feature quest, dissecting a pair of Castilian creepers from Re-Animator producer Brian Yuzna: Jack Sholder’s giant spider shocker ARACHNID and Yuzna’s own robo-pooch romp, ROTTWEILER.

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The millennial direct-to-video creature feature crusade continues, and for episode three your hosts Matty Budrewicz and Dave Wain find themselves battling a thirty foot KING COBRA and hitting the waves for a croc-tastic BLOOD SURF.
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The creatures are ready for seconds...

Continuing their millennial, direct-to-video creature feature crusade, your hosts Matty Budrewicz and Dave Wain are once more fending off tentacles, teeth, and eight-legged terrors, with their attention drawn to Nu Image’s shuddersome sequels of Spiders 2, Octopus 2, and Crocodile 2 in this second episode of Natural Selection.

Featuring a bonus interview with Spiders 2 (and American Ninja, Cyborg Cop, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo) director Sam Firstenberg!

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